EHS Training at Vetter Pharma

About Vetter Pharma

Vetter Pharma is a pharmaceutical company based in Ravensburg, Germany. It is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in the aseptic filling of syringes, cartridges and vials. Vetter Pharma supports pharmaceutical and biotech products from preclinical development through global market supply. Its clients include the top 10 pharma/biotech companies worldwide as well as mid-sized firms and emerging startups.

The Challenge

Recreating dangerous scenarios

Health and Safety training can only be taken seriously by learners if it is built using realistic scenarios which the learners feel they will genuinely experience in their daily work. Re-creating such scenarios is not always easy. In this project, we faced the challenges of showing:

  1. Someone slipping on a wet floor
  2. The spillage of chemicals
  3. A near-collision with a forklift

Explaining Highly Technical Topics

While the focus of the eLearning was on the precautions Vetter Pharma employees need to take in their daily jobs, these daily jobs are very often very technical and require the handling of dangerous chemicals. Therefore, the challenge we faced was to ensure that the eLearning would cater equally to all Vetter employees who needed to take the training regardless of their background or level of prior knowledge. This meant deploying easy and clear-to-understand methods to explain technical topics.

Driving User Engagement

One of the key goals of the eLearning was to make sure the learners always paid attention. This required finding ways to ensure user engagement throughout the eLearning. In discussions with Vetter Pharma we had decided early on to use film-based learning content to show real-life EHS scenarios. But we knew this would not be enough. We needed to find additional ways to connect with the user and have him or her connect back with the eLearning. This task fell to our instructional and graphic designers.

The Solution

Learning Engineering

During the Learning Engineering phase of the project we spent long hours with Environment, Health and Safety personnel from Vetter Pharma to determine and define the precise scenarios which we would show in the eLearning. We also received from them input in the form of Powerpoint presentations on the topic from where we could derive learning content to build the eLearning course.

The eLearning Strategy

A key part of the eLearning strategy was to define which learning topics would be covered with multimedia content and which would be covered by interactive content with static text and images. Another point was to determine the level of interactivity we should and could introduce. This was governed first by the profile of the average learner as well as by the comfort level of this average user with consuming online training.

Instructional Design & Wireframing

Working with input from Vetter Pharma our instructional and graphic designers worked hand in hand to find ways to explain the various health and safety topics and to show them in visually attractive forms. For almost all the eLearning pages we created wireframes like the ones shown below.

Graphic Design & eLearning Development

On receiving approval for the wireframes our graphic designers finished the design to make it look as seen in the images below. Multiple intermediate images were made to show the sequence of the appearance of the different objects on the page.

The implementation of the eLearning was them done using Articulate Storyline.


Over several days and in different locations we filmed the recreation of the different health and safety scenarios. The images below are a collection of photographs we took on the film site as well as screenshots from the actual videos.

Where we could we used professional actors. In other cases Vetter employees played the role of actors by going about their daily jobs.

The Results

The various eLearning courses are currently deployed by Vetter Pharma on their LMS and are available to all their employees. The quality of the training as a consequence of making it available in the form of eLearning with videos is very high and can be seen in the high levels of engagement as well as the positive feedback received by the EHS department. If the end result of the deployment of this eLearning is the reduction of accidents at Vetter Pharma, the project would be deemed a great success.