Safety on the Factory Floor at Vanderlande Industries


  • The objective of the project was to design a fabricated steel structure of a special roof shed.
  • The column and its branches looked like a tree and carried the load of roof above them.
  • Since the entire structure was made out of steel, the main objective was to make the structure economical and safe through the reduction of weight.

Problem definition

The steel branches were cut from steel plate.

The branches should take the load of the roof and transfer it safely to the column. The design criteria were strength, buckling and serviceability.



Technical approach

The complex shape of branches and rest of the members were modelled. 10 such column assemblies were arranged connected to each other to form an entire structure.

Dead load, live load, wind load and earthquake load were calculated and various load combinations were considered as per design code. Maximum equivalent stresses and deformation plots were monitored and structural design iterations were performed till all codal checks are satisfied.


  • An optimum steel design was achieved which allowed to keep the cost close to regular traditional steel structure.
  • A detailed FE analysis gave all local structural details to make the structure safe.