SwissRe: Understanding Reinsurance

About Swiss Re

SwissRe is the second largest reinsurance company in the world. Its global client base consists of insurance companies, mid-to-large-sized corporations and public sector companies. From standard products to tailor-made coverage across all lines of business, Swiss Re deploys its capital strength, expertise and innovation power to enable organizations to take risk and make progress.

The Challenge

Intellectually challenging topics

The topics covered in this eLearning module were fairly complex. They included Finance, Asset Management and the working of one of SwissRe Business Units – AdminRe. Learning needs ranged from explaining the role of Finance in an insurance company to the need for Asset-Liability Management in an Investment Strategy and from explaining different types of Investments Vehicles to the working of a Life Insurance business.

The need for highly attractive visuals

Given the dense nature of the topics, the only way to make them even remotely attractive was to make the visuals as attractive as possible. Our animation team built beautiful videos to explain concepts like Asset Management and Finance. And our Graphic Design team built eLearning pages which were both highly interactive as well as visually very appealing.

The Solution

The Learning Strategy

We decided that the best solution for explaining complex concepts of Insurance would be to combine a classical approach with Web Based Trainings with Animation Videos. The Animations would help explain arcane topics tin a relatively interesting way. The Web Based Training would allow us to drive interactivity, keep the learner engaged and be a vehicle for learning material not covered by the animations.

The Implementation

Web Based Trainings

The team that built the Web Based Training included an Instructional Designer, a Graphic Artist and an eLearning Developer. The Instructional Designers designer’s primary task was to review the animation content in detail and decide what knowledge was missing from them and accordingly propose the development of WBT pages. The Graphic Designer designed the look and feel of the pages. Our instructions from the client were – “keep it fresh”. Following this mantra he delivered beautiful designs while staying within the confines of SwissRe’s branding guidelines. The tool used for the development was Adobe Captivate, which in turns out is not as powerful or versatile as its competitor – Storyline from Articulate.


Making the animations required us to gain detailed knowledge about the insurance business as well as fundamental concepts of Finance, Accounting Standards, Regulatory Bodies, etc. The Animations helped explain topics like Asset Liability Management, ROI & ROE Targets, SST and Solvency II, the role of Rating Agencies, etc. The Animations not only helped make these rather dull topics seem interesting but they helped drastically reduce the amount of time it took the learners to acquire the knowledge that they did because a 2 minute animation can cover as much learning material as a 30-minute Web Based Training.

The Results

Swiss Re rolled out the Web Based Training together with the animated content to its global employee base as part of a training called Understanding SwissRe’s Business. The eLearning nicely complemented other classroom trainings on the same topic. At the same time for locations around the globe that were too small to benefit a dedicated classroom session, the eLearning was the only way to get the knowledge to the employees.