How do I create relevance?

Today content marketing is much more than communication with relevant content. It's about Artificial Intelligence to real emotions, to valuable data and social attitudes, to the measurability of ROI, to brand compliant influencers and the selection of established distributors.It was with these words that René Kuhn launched this year’s Content Marketing Conference & Exposition, CMCX in Munich. NEON was there and here is a summary of aspects which were repeatedly mentioned in this year's lectures and workshops:

Author: Johannes Pröll, CEO

Don’t just talk about the product – talk around the product.

Susan Schramm, Marketing Director McDonalds Germany, kicked off with her keynote:

“Content Marketing – Real Added Value for Established Brands?”

McDonalds is trying to counter some prejudices in Germany about its products and the company
with a large-scale content marketing campaign “Believe it or not”.
For this campaign, net range and cross range are one thing. Authenticity is another.
Consumers can be very critical. If you just have advertising hiding behind content, they will notice it right away.
People love freebies. And that’s how you get them to read.

Be always on. The user centric approach.

At BMW, the new website has managed to put the customer or “user” at the center.
The social Ego-System has changed. Today we’re “always on (line)”.
And thanks to the amount of content available, consumption has changed from push to pull.
It is the user who decides which content is relevant to him or her.
In a Data Analytics Center at BMW, relevant and channel-specific content is determined, planned
and made available through various processes, such as daily check-ins or quick decision making.

The result is an innovative “Mobile first!” Website, which puts the core brand and the user in the center.

How do I create relevance? Culture becomes the driving force.

Company Culture is prioritized at ADIDAS. All the projects that we at NEON have realized for the Adidas Group
have always focused on Company Spirit and Company Culture. With,
ADIDAS has developed a portal that brings the spirit of the company into the Daily Work Life.
Primarily with videos but also with display ads they offer users relevant content,
which should help them far beyond the horizon of sports to achieve a better work-life balance.

Do not create content for an influencer – Create it around the influencer

Everyone knows – you can buy an influencer today. It is all the more important to create authentic content
and to inspire authentic influencers with your brand and content.
The basis for a good movie is authentic performance, real locations and tangibility.
So why not develop a story around the authenticity of the influencer instead of making him pretend?

So, ask yourself this question: Is the professionalization of influencer marketing actually possible?

In summary, despite the many new aspects mentioned earlier, such as IoT or Artificial Intelligence,
topics such as authenticity and relevance are still the key components of a successful content marketing action.
Remember, the viewer is going to be critical and will be the one who decides what is relevant.