Immersive Media

If you’re part of the story
it becomes a part of you.

A great story is a great story, no matter where we hear it. Films and videos are no longer limited to TV or web browsers. Everyday devices become web-enabled, voice-controlled, multimedia. Attractive and informative video and audio content can virtually be played anywhere to anyone, making channels and precisely targeted content more relevant than devices.

NEON. Impress at first sight.

We have witnessed the birth of Virtual Reality – and developers, manufacturers and retailers are seizing the opportunity. Sales for consumer VR devices like Oculus are picking up speed. And then there’s Augmented Reality, clearly one of the most promising, yet widely unexplored field for unprecedented, amazing experiences.

Meaning: The market is craving for high-quality content to enjoy with these new gadgets. There are numerous ways to create great immersive video content: impressive 360° videos or animations of industrial facilities, buildings and machinery – before they’re even built. Based on CAD models these presentations are more detailed and realistic than ever, providing insights into complex processes and functions, inspiring real estate marketing, supporting eLearning applications … or simply captivating your customers, investors and partners like never before.

This clearly is a first mover’s market. Whoever taps its potential will generate a lot of attention, appreciation and impact. It’s highly innovative, it’s surprising – and it might just be that missing piece in the puzzle that could give your business, products or services a well-deserved boost. NEON constantly monitors the market for innovative and viable applications. We spot your opportunity to create great immersive video content. We’re both advisors and creators, providing valuable contributions to your IM project right from the start.

Immersive Media - NEON Media

Virtual Reality: Two main applications

  • in an information / learning environment:

VR allows the user to ingest any kind of content – undisturbed, at his own pace and without limitations.

This especially makes sense for certain locations or spaces, which are not (easily) accessible in real life due to security risks, high costs or simply limitations in size. We’re talking technical appliances, industrial plants, power stations or any other kind of structure, which may be located on the other side of the world.

  • in an interactive game, video or simulator:

The possibilities to get your message across are endless. Why not appeal to the user’s play instinct and subliminally work your information into an interactive game. Let him explore new frontiers in an interactive video or safely teach him essential skills for mission critical tasks.