The power of a first impression.

NEON is your strategic partner when it comes to designing, producing, adapting and refining content as a game changer. With an eye on the market and a feel for results - With a holistic view across all disciplines. And what’s more, a professional visual presentation of your design is a perfect starting point for your bidding, investment, marketing and sales campaigns.

NEON. Because your ideas matter!


Show the world what’s in your head. A stunning visual experience of your vision gets people involved, convinced and excited. Take architecture, for example. Owners, investors, decision makers, contractors, the staff, the public: They all need to be on the same page to endorse and support a complex long-term investment and an in-depth view of any project at a very early stage becomes increasingly important.

A striking visualization is not just about anticipating the general look-and-feel of a future structure. It’s also about illustrating information in terms of workflow, facility management, maintenance, perimeter protection or staff training. It’s about making sure the structure not only serves its purpose but also perfectly fits your corporate culture.


Visualizations - NEON Media

The 3D centric approach

The 3D model can be the basis for a multi-channel and multimedia approach.
We try to use these synergies in order to make your project more efficient. We call this workflow the “3D centric approach“.

3D Model