Corporate Documentaries

The real deal.

A unique project, a discovery, an invention, a new technology or your great team that got the job done: Everybody’s got a great story to tell. But why is it that we love to listen to some but can’t be bothered with others? More often than not there’s nothing wrong with the story itself – but with the way it is told.

Authenticity and Credibility.

The particular strength of a documentary or a case study is its authenticity and credibility. However, when we’re watching a corporate documentary there are a couple of vital questions constantly lurking in the back of our mind: Is the company trying to show me something – or is it just showing off? Does it offer new perspectives and insights – or does it simply want to be listened to? But most importantly: Is this relevant for me?

NEON makes sure it is. In terms of production, we typically follow two alternative approaches. The scheduled approach involves detailed pre-production including on-site inspections, briefings of interview partners and script development.

The editorial approach is based on a more journalistic method, allowing us to actively incorporate new situations and developments. In this case, the final story takes form in the editing suite, after the entire footage has been reviewed and selected.

Snapshot #1

Animated Documentary
Corporate Documentaries - NEON Media

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Hybrid Documentary
Corporate Documentaries - NEON Media

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Authentic Documentary
Corporate Documentaries - NEON Media

The Life Science Experience.






NEON has specialized in corporate documentaries for life science branches like microbiology, nanotechnology, phytogenics, prosthetics, ergonomics and work-life balance.

Your projects and research results require very sophisticated and targeted means of communication to get the message across. We carefully evaluate and select the narrative approach that best suits your objectives. We make sure that your achievements resonate with the right people and create the impact they deserve.