Corporate Movies

Some things can be explained,
others have to be felt.

Sometimes we stumble across an image film of a company we’ve never heard about before. It’s not that soulless cookie cutter approach, not that predictable benefits by the numbers thing. None of that. It’s unique, enigmatic, daring. And we love it – even though we might not know exactly why.

The Extra Layer

Consumers and customers can instinctively tell when a company is just a little too eager to please. That’s why truly successful companies add an extra layer to their narrative: reassuring confidence, a subliminal tone of voice, a captivating atmosphere.


Once this common ground has been established, the viewer lets his guard down and bonds with the message.

These companies have mastered the art of telling their own story as if they’re opening up to a friend. They don’t try to be perfect, because nobody can be. They’re not only walking the fine line between a sales pitch and a good conversation, they are managing to stay on that line all the way to the end credits.

So next time, before you rack your brain over how to present yourself to your target group:
Consider just being yourself – and let NEON show you how good that looks.